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Air Freight

For your more urgent consignments or smaller items, air freight is an excellent option. The charge for your air freight is dependent on the weight and volume of your goods. Airway bills can be issued immediately and whether you require a door to airport or door to door service, Alfa Freight  can help. We offer several different services from locations all over the world into Zimbabwe and many flights arrive daily ensuring the most efficient service.

Sea Freight

Cash in on a wave of savings when you sign up for Sea Freight. When the items you buy on the internet or by phone or email are too bulky or costly to ship by air, use your Alfa Freight internet ocean delivery account to have them shipped at a fraction of a cost. Your purchase will be shipped cleared and delivered to your door in a timely fashion, giving you the confidence to shop the internet and reap its benefits without limiting the size of your purchase.

Customs Clearance

At ALFA FREIGHT (PVT) LTD we offer same day clearance and delivery

We keep you the client in the picture with updates at every stage and respond to your every request timeously,

We offer pre-clearance and express clearance services like no other player in the industry,

We offer a 5 day credit facility to ease your cash flow woes,

We have no hidden costs, transparency is our middle name and we guarantee that the customer gets all documents after the clearing process,

We have standby trucks to ensure quick right away deliveries.

Bonded Warehouse

Warehousing is the practice or business of storing, holding and handling goods in a warehouse. Ours is a Public Customs Bonded warehouse licensed by the Commissioner of Customs for the storage of goods imported into the region pending the payment of duties. The goods are stored in the joint custody of the bonded warehouse keeper (Alfa Freight) and Customs.

The benefits of using a Customs Bonded Warehouse are?

In our bonded warehouse you can be deposit your goods without needing to pay duties on them. And if you decide to sell the goods for re-export, duties will not be incurred. Likewise, if the goods are destroyed, the obligation to pay duties will also be resolved. If the imported goods are released for sale, however, customs duties will come due. Paying duties on arrival can be expensive, and using a bonded warehouse allows you the importer to access funds from the sale to pay the duties, rather than having to pay duties in advance.

On-site storage: Just-in-time delivery for both manufacture and general trade;

Storage Facility

If you’re in need of storage for your goods, then Alfa Freight has the perfect solution for you. With a wide range of different storage options, Alfa Freight has whatever you need. Based at Cargo Village at the Harare Airport it is an easily accessible storage facility for any freight arriving by air.

We pride ourselves on offering tailored storage with sizes ranging from 1sq/m to 2,000 sq/m, we cater for every need. We offer both long and short term storage, starting from a week and continuing indefinitely at your discretion. Alfa freight storage space is located on the ground floor, and within easy access of our car park. It is kept safe and secure with our state of the art security systems, including CCTV monitoring, intruder alarms and fire protection.

We pride ourselves on a great service from beginning to end of your storage stay. We offer packing materials, transport options and even the free use of pallet trucks and trolleys to help make storing with us simple. For heavy duty storing, we have a forklift service available too.

So if you are looking for storage? Look No Further  

We have a team of friendly advisers waiting to help you with everything from giving you a quote to packing your space/room. Give us a call to discuss your needs today.

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